Recent Client Testimonials

We are always delighted to receive feedback from our Clients, here are some of our recently received Client Testimonials.

An experience like no other…

Training with Andrew is an experience like no other. His wealth of knowledge in such a wide range of sports and training methods is second to none. This isn’t just academic knowledge; this is real life, hard-earned experience from training and competing at the highest level.

I have trained with Andrew for a number of years in martial arts and physical conditioning. Not only do his training sessions present a physical test, but also a mental challenge.

Believe me, when you’re half way through a conditioning session designed by Andrew, your mind starts persuading you to slow down, take it easier, maybe have a rest! But he keeps you accountable and pushes you to break through those mental and physical barriers. His sessions not only build physical fitness and strength but also mental toughness. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, he’ll show you a new technique or training method that you’ve never seen in the magazines. He really is an encyclopaedia of knowledge, and creates a great training atmosphere to really push you to levels you never thought you were capable of.

If you’re serious about achieving your goals, Andrew is the person that will help you reach them.

Film Action Specialist

Combat Conditioning session…

Andy has worked with Halifax Rugby League Football Club on many occasions, during pre-season he gave us access to his facility and led a combat conditioning session. His skill set in this area is second to none. He worked the players through progressive holds and techniques in a controlled learning environment. His delivery is exceptional.

Andy motivated the group constantly well and they loved his positive no nonsense approach. We learned so much over the sessions and we are looking forward to working with Andy and his team again in 2018.

Richard Marshall, Head Coach
Halifax Rugby League Football Club

Learn Different Techniques…

As a personal trainer I started training with Andy to improve my own fitness but also to learn different techniques and methods that I could transfer to training my own clients. His expertise and knowledge are exceptional and his drive and determination are inspirational. He instils confidence and encouragement with a positive no nonsense attitude!

Sam Taylor
Personal Trainer

Several Years Training with Andy…

Having trained with Andy for several years lots of new skills have been learnt in all aspects of MMA style training.

From simple things such as diet to extreme conditioning and studying fight situations has changed a lot whilst training with Andy. Putting together routines to practice in your own time, analysing these and adapting them to suit your needs and lifestyle is something which we work on all the time and has progressed a lot since I first started training.

Andy offers an excellent coaching facility, allowing you to be pushed to your limits in all aspects of training, mentally and physically. With his huge amount of knowledge, great attitude and support makes him different to many trainers around today!

Zahid Tabraiz
Director at Go Tints Ltd and Accident Car Clinic Ltd
Training period with Andy: 5 years continuous

Boxing Event…

I started training with Andy for a boxing event, I started with very limited skills and little fitness, the sessions Andy gave me improved my defence in boxing and my fitness was 100% better, not only did it help me during my fight, but also outside the gym in day to day life with my diet and self-confidence I would highly recommend Andy as he gives 100% to you and gets 100% out of you.

Gareth McMahon

You cannot get this level from a book or an app…

Excellent technically demonstrative evidence of knowledge as an experienced fitness coach and martial artist/sports player.

A valuable short cut to success in many areas of the physical body and health. He’s helped me and motivated me. You cannot get this level from a book or an app!

Lewis Lister

Taught me about Mind-set, Work Ethic and Making the Choices…

I’ve played Rugby league for 20 years and coached for the last 3 years. I’ve worked with numerous quality coaches and trainers in that period. The one person who taught me about mind-set, work ethic and making the choices being the most valuable tool in an athlete was Andrew Farrell.

I am now very fortunate to be a super League head coach at Salford Red Devils. On my appointment Faz was one of the 1st people I contacted to see if he would be interested in working with our team, staff & players.

Faz with his professionalism and enthusiasm installs a mind-set through his interactions with everyone that he comes into contact with.

Faz has worked with the team for the last 2 years on various parts of our game but the biggest trait he has helped to install in our group is a commitment and resilience to make the right choices.

Faz is a massive part of our team and someone who holds the respect of us all as a person and coach. He is a major reason of our progress in the super league.

Ian Watson, Head Coach
Salford Red Devils

Strength and Conditioning Sessions…

I am coach of Moldgreen 18s academy. Andy Farrell has done many strength and conditioning sessions with these lads as well as technical and tactical sessions for the last few seasons. Andy has a great way of getting things through to the lads breaking everything down into lay man’s terms so the lads can digest what he is getting over to them since Andy has been doing these sessions the lads have progressed as players from boys into young men, two players have represented Yorkshire and two players are currently are in the academy at Wakefield Trinity.

Everything Andy has installed into these lads which consist of 16, 17 and 18 year olds have added immensely to their game and made them the players they are today, knowledge fitness and ability are the key, Andrew Farrell has all of these and I am proud to say all of my lads have due to these sessions from Andy.

We have played 10 won 8 drawn 1 lost 1. Thank you for your commitment and for everything you have done for the lads.

Craig Morgan, Coach
Moldgreen 18’s Academy

Training on a Weekly Basis…

I have been using Andy’s training sessions on a weekly basis for a few months now. I have found every session varied and challenging all being different in their own way. The training has helped me to maintain my weight loss and improve my overall fitness. I would recommend Andy to anybody no matter what level of fitness.

Paul Kidd

Training with Andy Farrell for 6 Years…

I’ve been training with Andy Farrell for 6 years. My fitness level has never been so high or so versatile. My all round fitness has improved so much that it has noticeably improved my ability in all sports I play. Andy is a great guy and become a good friend. I would recommend the sessions to anyone of any ability.

James Wood